The staff of the Law and Patent Office includes professional, experienced patent attorneys with technical and legal background. In addition, patent attorney trainees can make their apprenticeships in our office.

Our office includes the following staff:
Anna Bełz – patent attorney
Janusz Żurek – patent attorney
Iwona Muda – patent attorney
Robert Szymula – patent attorney’s assistant for research affairs
Katarzyna Nosalska – patent attorney’s apprentice

The Office provides comprehensive services in the range of obtaining protection for inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks, within domestic and foreign procedures.

– they have the largest protection but it’s much harder to get protection,
– patents are granted for inventions,
– protection lasts maximum 20 years,
– however, when assessing patentability
they are subject to greatest rigors, they must meet three conditions:
1) novelty
2) inventive level
3) industrial use

Utility models
– they relate to construction, shape or juxtaposition of objects with a permanent form
– they are granted protective rights
– their protection lasts maximum 10 years
– they must meet only two conditions:
1) novelty
2) usability
The utility model is sometimes referred to as a small invention,
however, it concerns a specific form of the item,
presented in the application documentation in the drawing.
Therefore, the scope of its protection is much smaller than that of the invention.

Industrial designs
– they mainly concern the shape and external form of the object,
because of particular features of the lines, contours,
shapes, colors, texture or material of the product
and through its ornamentation.
– they are given protective rights by registaration
– theprotection lasts maximum 25 years,
– they must meet two conditions:
1) novelty
2) individual character

– any designation that can, in principle, be presented
in a transparent way, if such a presentation is suitable
for distinguish in the turnover of goods (services)of one company from
the goods (services) of another company.
– in particular, the trademark may be in the form of: a word, a drawing, an ornament,
color composition, a spatial form, including the form of the good or packaging,
as well as a melody or other audio signal.
– trademarks are granted protective rights
– their protection lasts 10 years and can be extended for the next 10-year periods

The basic normative act comprehensively regulating the issues of obtaining and protecting rights to trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs and other exclusive rights is the Act of 30 June 2000 – Industrial Property Law.